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I worked as a lead producer on Season 2 of Lenny Says, a weekly storytelling podcast for Spotify. For the first episode of the season, I reported and produced the second story about a woman stumbling upon her half-sister on 23&Me. I also contributed edits and editorial direction on the other two stories. I cut the final version of this mix and worked closely with a sound designer. My co-producer and I each lead produced 5 episodes of the 10-episode season. To listen to the rest of the season, click here.

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I worked as an associate producer for the Ringer’s eight-part documentary series about the Halloween film franchise. I booked more than 20 interviews, transcribed and selected tape, produced multiple mixes for each episode, and contributed to the editorial direction of the show.

For Ep 3, “Michael Myers: Psychopath, Serial Killer…and Victim?”, I found and booked both of the experts. I also reported and cut a short segment about people named Michael Myers. To listen to the entire season, click here.

This is a production of Neon Hum Media.


Rachel Tondreault is one of the main characters in a play about addiction. She and the cast tour around New England in communities hit by the opioid epidemic. It’s a powerful story about family, betrayal, and forgiveness.

And for Rachel, it’s all too familiar.

Produced for the Salt Institute.

Mari Andrew was leading a charmed existence. At 30 years old, she had a book deal, was living in Spain, learning Flamenco, and making a living through her art.

And then one day, she came down with a mysterious disease. A disease that would turn Mari's life on its head.

The illness kept her hospitalized for a month -- and disabled long after that. It took her away from the things she loved and shattered her sense of identity.

But it also resulted in something unexpected: a relationship with the natural world that was as powerful as it was surprising.

Produced for the podcast Out There.

I recorded and edited the audio for this video in less than 12 hours for the Salt Institute's "doc in a day" challenge.


Thousands of people waited in line to see Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” during its opening week at the Hirshhorn museum. I asked some of them to describe what the experience was like and how the trippy, kaleidoscopic rooms made them feel.

Produced for Washingtonian Magazine